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Thinking about the future of health and care

Today, the health sector is in a historically unprecedented phase of change and is faced with enormous challenges. Increasingly, the health community is globally linked, meaning that the traditional boundaries between disciplines, professions, institutions and countries are being redrawn. Similarly, the relationship between the range of medical services and citizens, market and regulation, doctor and patient and between service provider and consumer is being redefined. New approaches and models for strategies in the health sector must take into account all the challenges arising in the areas of basic and advanced training, market systems, socio-economic developments and new technologies and research, if they are to make a relevant contribution to the health systems of the future.

In the future, Careum will continue to demonstrate how these trends can be converted into specific education policy projects. The aim is to provide relevant inspiration and to develop approaches as to how the future of health and care, and particularly education in the health sector, can be dealt with and how an active contribution can be made to help shape these areas.

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Management Committee

Hans Gut

Hans Gut is President of the Careum Foundation, an institution known both in Switzerland and abroad for promoting education in the healthcare sector. He is chairman of Haco Holding AG, Gümligen and acts as board member to several other companies and foundations. Hans Gut received a MS in mechanical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, and a MS in management from the Stanford University, USA.


Ilona Kickbusch
Board of Trustees and Member of Management Committee

Ilona Kickbusch is a Member of the Management Committee of the Careum Foundation and Director of the Global Health Programme, Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva. During her long association with the World Health Organisation she has had influence on European and international health politics, especially in the health promotion sector. She worked as a Professor at Yale University and as Director of a Fulbright programme for global health. She is on the advisory board of important organisations, foundations and scientific publications and publishes a lot. She advises many national and international organisations, among them, the Swiss Federal Health Office.


René Kühne
Board of Trustees and Member of Management Committee

Since 2002 René Kühne is a member of the Board and of the Management Committee of the Careum Foundation. He works mainly as an independent adviser for projects and questions concerning the health sector in Switzerland and Europe and is a member of various governing bodies and foundations. In international and national projects he has acquired a profound knowledge on health systems. From 1986 to 2002 he held different management positions at the Klinik Hirslanden where he played a substantial role in the building and extension of the private hospital group Hirslanden. He received his doctorate of economics at the Institute for Economical Research at the University of Zurich.


Beat Sottas
Board of Trustees and Member of Management Committee

Beat Sottas is a member of the Board and of the Executive Committee of the Careum Foundation. Among other tasks he is in charge of a bi-national mentoring programme for junior managers in the health sector. Since 2008 he has been an independent consultant for national regulatory agencies, teaching institutions and private enterprises. After several years of teaching, Beat Sottas completed further studies at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland with a doctorate in social sciences. Following ten years as a research fellow at the University of Berne he worked in the Swiss Federal Administration for twelve years, where he was responsible for educational policy in the medical professions.



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