Downloads: Thursday, 11th November 2010

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Downloads: Friday, 12th November 2010
13.30 - 14.00 Keynote
Empowering patients to be fully engaged members of society (English)
Wim Wientjens (IDF), Vice President, International Diabetes Federation
15.30 - 17.00 Workshops
on the role of patients in shaping the healthcare system
The workshops will present innovative issues and projects.
A Personal Empowerment: Managing Chronic Disease (English)
Theses: Nikolaj Holm Faber (DK), Project coordinator, Danish Committee for Health Education
Chair: Jörg Haslbeck (CH), Head of Careum Patient Education
B Empowerment through organisation: patient associations (German)
Presentation R. Forster
Presentation A. Trojan
Theses: Rudolf Forster (A), Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Vienna
Chair: Alf Trojan (D), Director, Institute of Medical Sociology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
C Empowerment through participation? (German)

Peter Müller (CH), Head of Support & Networking, Swiss Cancer League
Remo Gysin (CH), President, KOSCH
Chair: Ellis Huber (D), Medical doctor, Managing Director of Securvita Health Insurance
D Empowerment through knowledge sharing: e-patients and online patient communities (English)
Carina Andrén (S), Care Designer, P2I Care
Anna Essén (S), Researcher, Stockholm University School of Business
Andreas Hager (S), Development leader and Patienteer, P2I Care
Chair: Ella Fearon-Low (IAPO), Capacity Building Director, International Alliance of Patients‘ Organizations
E Empowerment through system competence – independent patient information and counselling (German)
Theses: Lena Prinzen (D), Project manager, Bertelsmann Foundation
Chair: Claudia E. Appenzeller-Winterberger (CH), Scientific employee, Ministry of Public Health / Co-Project Manager, Public Health Portal, eHealth Suisse
17.30 - 18.30 Keynotes
Balancing need and cost
Assessment and measurement of patient needs and experiences (English)
Peter Littlejohns (UK), Director, Clinical and Public Health, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
Impact of self care on health costs (English)
Jim Phillips (UK), Director Policy and Evaluation,
Expert Patients Programme Community Interest Company
Chair: Charan Nelander (DK), Director, Danish Committee for Health Education


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